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Largest Coffee Party in the World

On August 30, 2009, Kruger Communications hosted a world-record-breaking coffee party at Cologne’s Jugendpark. KrugenKranzchen was billed as the largest coffee party in the world, and will be noted as such in the Guinness Book of World Records. The last record breaking coffee party was held in London in 2008, where 4,585 participants crowded into one venue to share a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. The Cologne party bested the London record by nearly 4,000 by pulling in 8,162 guests to enjoy an afternoon of entertainment and a cup of coffee.


Other Coffee Record Breakers

The Guinness Book of World Records also lists a number of other record breaking coffee achievements. Here’s just a few of the fun coffee facts you can use to impress your friends and drinking buddies at the local coffee house.

World’s Largest Cup of Coffee

The record for the world’s largest cup of coffee is held by Vinacafe Bien Hoa, Vietnam’s largest coffee producer.
The cup was a stainless steel structure that took more than 100 people to build. It was 1.5 meters tall and 2.35 meters in diameter and held 952 gallons of coffee. Those who really love their coffee will be disappointed to learn that it was made with instant coffee powder – 801 kilos of it.

World’s Largest Cappuccino

More to the taste of the coffee connoisseur, 80 foreign and Czech baristas set the world record for the largest cappuccino in Prague on February 7, 2009. The Czech record had been set the previous day by 40 Czech baristas, who made a 1,050 liter cappuccino. The previous world record was a 1,250 liter cappuccino made by a pair of Italian baristas in 2002. The new world record cappuccino was 2,117 liters of cappuccino. Unfortunately, no one got to taste the cappuccino that they made. Instead, the record breaking coffee and milk delight was enjoyed by pigs, who had it added to their fodder that night.

World’s Largest Irish Coffee

That wasn’t the case with the world’s largest Irish Coffee, made as part of Irish Coffee Celebration at the Buena Vista Caf?© in San Francisco on November 10, 2008. Bartenders Fernando, Ted, Karin and Paul combined 10 gallons of Peerless coffee, 10 liters of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, 4 pounds of sugar and 2 gallons of lightly whipped whipping cream in a specially constructed four foot tall Irish Whiskey glass. The completed Irish Coffee was drained off via a tap and shared by the dozens of people who attended the Irish Coffee World Record Party and Celebration.

Laboratory Equipment, Limited, a UK company that makes and repairs scientific glassware, has been commissioned to create an Irish Whiskey glass that will hold at least 60 liters of Irish Whiskey. That glass will be used at CeltFest on November 9, 2009 as the UK tries to bring the world championship “back home where it belongs”.


Source: aboutcoffee.com

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